5000 Series Stage

Rotary Motion Products

An accurate, heavy-duty range of rotary stages which allows precise rotary positioning of objects by stepping or servo motor control. A precision worm and wheel with a 90:1 gear ratio provides repeatable, zero-backlash positioning with high load capacity.

A magnetic Datum switch is included. Stepping or servo motor control with a rear- mounted encoder ensures accurate indexing. All connections are made through a secure QM 19 way connector. A through-hole feature is standard on all Series 5000 rotary stages.

Travel (mm) 150 250 300
Runout +/- 0.07mm
Accuracy 2 arc minutes
Concentricity +/- 0.02mm
Repeatability 20 arcsecs - unidirectional
Gear Ration 90:1
Load capacity (kg)  
   Stage horizontal 20 95 95
   Stage vertical 9 20 20
Weight (kg) 4 12.5 12.5
Materials Aluminium alloy and stainless steel
Finish Black Anodised
Download a full specification including dimensions (.PDF)